5-Day Scotland Itinerary Planning Workshop Replays



The Scotland 5-Day Itinerary Planning Workshop will equip you with all the essential knowledge that you need to plan your dream trip.

The Workshop includes 5 sessions (focusing on a different topic each day) and 7+ hours of footage:

Session 1: Planning Your Draft Itinerary (1 hr  24 mins)
Session 2: Getting Around Scotland – Hiring a Car and Using Public Transport (1 hr 27 mins)
Session 3: Booking Your Trip to Scotland (1 hr 21 mins)
Session 4: Visiting Scotland’s Islands (1 hr 21 mins)
Session 5: Q&A where Kay and I answer your questions (1 hr 58 mins)

During the workshop, you will learn all the basics about planning a trip to Scotland:

  • the destinations in Scotland
  • things to do
  • the must-sees
  • how to find hidden gems
  • food and drink in Scotland
  • what to pack
  • hiring a car and driving in Scotland
  • how to use public transport
  • how to book flights
  • how and where to book your accommodation, tickets, and attractions for the best price
  • travelling to Scotland’s islands
  • and LOTS more!

During the workshops replays, we walk you step-by-step through our travel planning process we both use to plan all of our trips around Scotland.



As a bonus, you will also receive the following for free!

  • The Beginners Guide to Planning a Trip To Scotland eBook – $17 value
  • The Ultimate Scotland Travel Planner – a 60+ printable planner – $20 value
  • Must-See Scotland Travel Planners – 7 planners complete with maps that list the must-sees, best restaurants, and more – $15 value

These resources are valued at $52, and you will receive them entirely for free to help you plan your dream vacation.